I Can Do It!


Get ready !
Get ready !
Where's the money ?
Here it comes !
Noisy smell
loud and big

It's open !
Here we go !
Sit right here hello lady !
look around Mr. Driver
Hello, there's a spot
There's a spot
on my window
it isn't on another one
it isn't anywhere else
Get it off !

What a spot
I got

to scrape it with
my finger it's

other side open up
my finger it's in
the waves of air
an ocean you can breathe
a spot a spot a spot
I'll get it off !
I know I can !
this is one thing
I can do
push push scrape
The spot is gone
The Spot
is Gone it Isn't on
the window that spot
is gone it
isn't on our window
It's on my finger
close the window.

Copyright 1982-2021 / Mick Anger
From "Get to Work!"

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