Everything Is...

Everything is ruined
I don't know what to do
None of it is working
I lost my other shoe
Every time I try
It's just a big mistake
The kitchen sink is clogged
How much more can I take?
All my records melted
I tore my favorite pants
Someone stole my car
I must learn how to dance

I love you
Sitting in a chair
I want to take you with me
I want you everywhere
I want you every morning
Before I shave my face
I need you when I'm reading
I always lose my place

Everything is crazy
I cannot understand
I'm not having fun
I think I've cut my hand
All my plants are dying
My TV is on the blink
I'm getting athlete's foot
I always spill my drink
I think I lost my wallet
I know I lost my car
I'm getting real confused
I don't know where you are

I love you
Talking on the phone
I don't think I can stop
I can't leave you alone
I need you every evening
Before I watch the news
I need you for undressing
I can't untie my shoes

Everything is backwards
I don't know what to say
I ain't been laid in a month
I lost my job today
My hair is falling out
My eyes are getting weak
My teeth have all decayed
They crumble when I speak
My favorite sweater shrank
There's a cigarette in my beer
I think I've wet my pants
I wish that you were here

I love you
At least I think I could
I want to make you crazy
Don't you think I should?
I want to see you naked
I want to make you scream
I need to be there with you
Not just in a dream


Copyright 1974-2021 / Mick Anger
From "Nothing Cheery"

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