Outer Space People
from Outer Space

No one was there
No one was there
Seemingly white and
Terrible speed up and back back
And forth almond shape
And druid from the future
Now it was
Then it was
No one was there
No one was there
A bruised , purple dawn
"We're only just peeping
At your wife your life and your laundry
What could you do to us?"
" If we let you?"
What would you do?
What would you do?
Normally seen but slight
Pulsing and ochre tipped a knife
A scalpel
A bulldozer forcing us
Into the future
Then it was

Now it is
You're all here now
You're all here now we're
All in the nursery watched
Like so many plants pulled
Away from the past no time for
The present
It's a gift - but
No one was there
No one was there
We're all here now but
No one sees it
Seemingly white and terrible speed
Take the step or be pushed
Or be crushed
We're taking it now
They're taking us
They're taking us

We're going without a whimper
We're going and not coming back
We're going
to take what they give us

We're going to get the sack.

Copyright 1976-2021 / Mick Anger
From "Nothing Cheery"

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