/ Total Danger™ "Be Sincere"

Be Sincere

Eat natural foods
Don't start to smoke
Preservatives will kill you
Teeth dissolve in Coke
Give to the church of your choice
Show your family you care
Don't forget to vote
Mayonnaise is good for your hair
Start your day off right
Turn on your sex appeal
Take off pounds sensibly
"So life-like you'll think they're real!"
Put on a happy face
Discover a new way of life
Consolidate your bills
And remember to call your wife
Marlboros make you sterile
See your dentist twice a year
You can't have too much insurance
Guys who like flowers are queer
Chase all your troubles away
And take a minute to relax
Don't make the same mistake twice
You can look ten pounds thinner in slacks!
Get real nutrition in minutes
Make your breath come alive
Attract the opposite sex
Only the strong survive.

Copyright 1975-2021 / Mick Anger
From "Nothing Cheery"

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