The case of the

Ice-Cold Hands

Episode #197
Season #07

Jesse Hibbs

Teleplay by:

Jackson Gillis


By: Dennis McCann

Ditzy Nancy Smith dashes into Mason's office in possession of several pari-mutuel tickets on a long-shot horse and hires him to collect the winnings should the horse win. It does indeed win, paying $14,000.

Somewhat amused, Perry and Della go to the track and are confronted by Sgt. McClanahan and Mason Freemont. The angry Freemont claims the money used to buy the tickets was embezzled from his company by Rodney Banks and thus the winnings are his. He also demands Mason's arrest, but McClanahan, knowing of Perry by reputation, refuses.

Perry confronts Nancy, who admits she is really Nancy Banks, Rodney's sister, but says the money was hers and legal. Perry bails Rodney out of jail. Rodney admits embezzling but claims the amount involved was only a fraction of that alleged by Freemont.

In the middle of the night, Perry receives a phone call from a panicked Nancy, who states she was just robbed of the winnings at gunpoint by a hooded man. Perry instructs her to meet him at the motel he rented for her. He arrives first and finds Freemont dead with a white hood on his person. When Nancy arrives, it is obvious her whole story is a lie. But his intuitive judge of character tells him Nancy is incapable of murder, so he defends her when she is arrested.

Guest Stars:

Wesley Lau (Lieutenant Anderson)

Joyce Bulifant (Nancy Banks)

Dick Davalos (Rodney Banks)

Lisabeth Hush (Lorraine Lawton)

Dabbs Greer (Larsen Halstead)

Arch Johnson (Marvin Freemont)

Phyllis Coates (Inez Freemont)

Paul Bryar (Burdett)

John Goddard (Sgt. McClanahan)

Henry Norrell (Jarvis Nettle Gilmore)

Willis Bouchey (Judge)

Art Lewis (Man)

Alex Bookston (Court Reporter)

Lee Miller (Sgt. Brice)

Dorothy Edwards (Juror)

Charles Stroud (Court Clerk)

Jack Crowder (Officer)

Items of interest:

Based on an Erle Stanley Gardner book.

William Talman has one of his finest acting moments in the series history when a bit of Burger's strategic legal manuveuring backfires on him.

"A Mistrial !!??"

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