The case of the

Accosted Accountant

Director :
Arthur Marks
Teleplay by :
Albert A. Vail and
Samuel Newman

Synopsis :

By: Dennis McCann

B.K. Doran, founder and President of Vero Plastics, is confronted by Edward Lewis, company accountant and his son-in-law, about a questionable business dealing with a South American company.

An outside audit turns up evidence of embezzlement which points to Lewis as the culprit. Lewis is aware of the embezzlement but believes Doran is the guilty party and consults Perry.

In a surprise move, Doran announces his intention of stepping down. The appointment of his successor and the manner in which to inform the stockholders will be decided at a directors' meeting at the company's hunting/fishing lodge. Lewis invites Perry and Paul.

Lucky for him he did because not only is Doran killed with Lewis' letter opener, but Lewis is seen throwing the object in the lake and washing the blood off his hands!

Guest Stars:

Richard Anderson...Edward Lewis

Dee Hartford...Leslie Ross

Murray Matheson...B.K. Doran

Gail Kobe...Gertrude Lewis

Lynn Bari...Sylvia Cord

Leonard Stone...Arthur Sutton

J. Edward McKinley...Walter Cord

Jean Engstrom..Vera Hillman

Robert Armstrong...Phil Jenks

John Gallaudet...Judge Penner

Items of interest:

Richard Anderson later became a regular on the Mason series, playing Lt. Steve Drumm.

Mason and Burger work together, outside the courtroom, to arrive at the truth.

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