The case of the

Deadly Verdict

Director :
Jesse Hibbs
Teleplay by :
Jonathan Latimer

Synopsis :

By : Dennis McCann

The unthinkable happens. Not only does Perry Mason lose a case, but his client is sentenced to death!

Janice Barton was convicted for the murder of her aunt. A shocked Perry feels responsible because he let her take the stand and Hamilton Burger completely demolished her alibi. Her sister Paulette and brother-in-law Dr. Nevin want Perry to continue his representation. But there's not much he can do.

Reviewing the transcript, he can find no procedural error on which to base an appeal. Motions for a retrial and commutation of sentence are denied. The evidence was overwhemingly against her, including eyewitness/maid Emily Green who testified she saw Janice running from the scene of the murder.

One potential ray of hope - Aunt Amanda's physician, now doing charity work in the jungles of Brazil, received belated news of the events and wired that the prescription found on the bedside table was not the current prescription - quickly fades when Paul flies to Brazil and learns the doctor has since died and cannot give the exculpatory evidence.

Finally, the Supreme Court turns down an appeal, and Perry now has less than 60 days to find the real killer before Janice is executed.


Guest Stars:

Julie Adams (Janice Barton)

Joan Tompkins (Emily Green)

Erin O'Brien-Moore (Letitia Simmons)

Jan Shepard (Paulette Nevin)

Stephen Franken (Christopher Barton)

Lee Bergere (Dr. Nevin)

Hollis Irving (Violet Barton Ames)

Mike Mazurki (Arthur Jacks)

Marie Worsham (Elizabeth Carson)

Sally Hughes (Dr. Faulkner)

S. John Launer (Judge Ryder)

Robert Gibbons (Foreman)

Olan Soule (Court Clerk)

Michael Fox (Dr. Hoxie)

Holly Harris (Matron No. 1)

Kathleen O'Malley (Matron No. 2)

Sherry Hall (Baliff)

Bernie Gozier (Indian Guide)

Items of interest :
Perry loses a case!

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