The case of the

Crying Cherub

Episode #089
Season #03
Director :
William D. Russell
Teleplay by :
Jonathan Latimer


By George Tsakiridis

June Sinclair and her boyfriend, David Lambert, are accused of stealing a painting worth $200,000 by the owner of an art gallery.

Mr.Lambert's wife (whom he wishes was his ex-wife) tells the owner of the gallery she can return the painting for $25,000, and turns up dead soon after June has left the scene.

Perry takes the case, as he was already representing June and David for the alleged theft. His client has the motive and as always, the evidence against her. The case takes the normal twists, and Perry ends up bidding on some interesting art.


Guest Stars:

Joe Maross as David Lambert

Tom Drake as Richard Harkens

Abraham Sofaer as Sylvester Robey

Mala Powers as June Sinclair

David Lewis as Deputy D.A. Mark Hanson

Kathryn Givney as Amelia Harkens

Carmen Phillips as Lisa Carson Lambert

Thomas McBride as Thomas Clark

Richard Gaines as Judge

Isabel Randolph as Mrs. Vandercord

Elvia Allman as Mrs. Forbes

Elizabeth Harrower as Woman Artist

Lee Miller as Sgt. Brice

Patrick Waltz as Policeman

Jack Perrin as Bidder #1

Mary Benoit as Bidder #2

Helene Heigh as Club Woman

George E. Stone as Court Clerk

Items of interest: Perry's self portrait

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