The case of the

Bashful Burro

Episode #088
Season #03
Director :
Robert Ellis Miller
Teleplay by :
Jonathan Latimer

Synopsis :

By George Tsakiridis

Gerald Norton and his wife Sally are being asked to sell their land, which contains a gold mine, by a cattle rancher.

When shots are fired and voices telling them to leave the land are heard at night, Gerald assumes it is the cattle rancher who is doing it. The second time this happens he goes after the rancher, and of course the cattle man turns up dead. Gerald is accused and Perry steps in and takes the case.

An old man who may hold keys to this case disappears, and things get interesting as Perry calls a burro to testify in court. Why is this gold mine, which doesn't seem to produce, of so much interest?



Guest Stars :

Ray Stricklyn as Gerald Norton

Elisabeth Fraser as Hazel Bascombe

George Mitchell as Amos Catledge

Sue George as Sally Norton

Ben Wright as Crawford Wright

Charles Bateman as Roy Dowson

Hugh Sanders as Ken Bascombe

Wendell Holmes as District Attorney Williams

John Pickard as Sheriff Keller

Lewis Martin as Judge

Kay Kuter as Deputy

Jack Orrison as Coroner's Physician

Stephen Courtleigh as Ballistics Expert

Mike Mason as Cowboy

Joan Elliott as Button Salesgirl

Tony Michaels as Waiter

Items of interest: "Gettt Oouuuttt !!!"

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