The case of the

Rolling Bones

Episode #039
Season #01
Director: Roger Kay
Teleplay by: Gene Wang




Guest Stars:

Joan Camden as Donna Knox

Mary Anderson as Arlene Scott

Edgar Stehli as Daniel Reed

Arthur Space as Willard Scott

King Calder as Maury Lewis

Kitty Kelly as Millie Foster

Simon Scott as George Metcalf

Richard Gaines as Judge Treadwell

Sid Tomack as Victor Kowalski

Morris Ankrum as Judge Morrisey

Richard Aherne as Dr. Norris

Alan Lee as Dave Kemp

William Remick as Herbert Walker

James Nolan as Attendant

Ted Stanhope as Court Clerk

Olan Soulé as Teller

Lee Miller as State Trooper


Items of interest:

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