The case of the

Deadly Double

Episode #024
Season #01
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Teleplay by: Samuel Newman




Guest Stars:

Constance Ford as Helen Reed

Denver Pyle as Robert Crane

Carole Mathews as Cora Dunbar

Paul Langton as Harry Vance

Murray Hamilton as Johnny Hale

Abraham Sofaer as Dr. Maitland

Louise Truax as Sarah

Carleton G. Young as David Reed

Pierre Watkin as Judge

Frank Jenks as Cab Driver

Clark Howat as Sergeant Grant

Carlyle Mitchell as Dr. Desmond

Jack Gargan as Court Clerk

George E. Stone as George

Peter Opp as Johnson

Josef Elman as Tony

Kellogg Junge Jr. as Tommy Reed


Items of interest:

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