The case of the

One-eyed Witness

Episode #023
Season #01
Director: Christian Nyby
Teleplay by: Robert C. Dennis




Guest Stars:

Angie Dickinson as Marian Fargo

Louis Van Rooten as Samuel Carlin

Dorothy Green as Diana Maynard

Paul Picerni as Charles Gallagher

Eve Miller as Nora Kelly

Peter Adams as Arthur Fargo

Vincent G. Perry as Judge

Richard Benedict as Steve Daniels

Jan Arvan as Pierre

Sam Gilman as George Danvers

Jean Del Val as Waiter

Ralph Montgomery as Bus Clerk

Jack W. Harris as Court Clerk

Ray Kellogg as Detective

John Sands as Charter Pilot

Doris Wiss as Suzie

Shirley Buchanan as Phone Operator


Items of interest:

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