The case of the

Fugitive Nurse

Episode #022
Season #01
Director: Laslo Benedek
Teleplay by: Al C. Ward, Gene Wang




Guest Stars:

Sheppard Strudwick as Dr. Morris

Bethel Leslie as Janet Morris

Dabbs Greer as Dave Kirby

Maxine Cooper as Gladys Strome

Jeanette Nolan as Mrs. Kirby

Woodrow Chambliss as Phil Reese

Helen Brown as Mrs. Strome

Anthony Lettier as Arthur Strome

Arthur Hanson as Lt. Brewer

Larry Blake as Smith

George Davis as Frederick

Sydney Mason as Detective Ralston

Lee Roberts as Detective Ron Jacks

Gil Frye as Marshall

Joey Ray as Workman

Jack Kenney as Detective

Owen Cunningham as Judge

Jack W. Harris as Court Clerk


Items of interest:

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