The case of the

Cautious Coquette

Episode #018
Season #01
Director: Laslo Benedek
Teleplay by: Leo Townsend, Gene Wang




Guest Stars:

Virginia Gregg as Sheila Cromwell

Donald Randolph as Steven Argyle

Kipp Hamilton as Elaine Barton

Harry Jackson as Harry Pitkin

Chester Stratton as Bates

Sid Clute as Frederick Arms

James Seay as Ross Hollister

Sydney Smith as Judge Osborn

K. L. Smith as Joe Raymond

Brett Halsey as Robert Finchley

Ed Hinton as Sheriff Mark Daley

Stephen Ellsworth as Sgt. Kenny

Ralph Sanford as Pat

Jeanne Bates as Western Union Clerk

Paul Hahn as Sgt. Davis

Weaver Levy as Jimmy

Jack Gargan as Court Clerk


Items of interest: Where'd Gertie go?

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