The case of the

Demure Defendant

Episode #016
Season #01

Laslo Benedek

Teleplay by:

Ben Brady, Richard Grey



 Guest Stars:

Christine White as Nadine

Clem Bevans as Capt. Hugo

Fay Baker as Marian Newburn

Walter Coy as Lester Newburn

Barry Atwater as Dr. Denair

Sherwood Price as John Locke

Alexander Campbell as Wellman

Morris Ankrum as Judge

Connie Cezon as Gertie

Maurice Manson as Dr. Granby

Steven Geray as Korbell

Joe Mell as Stand Owner

Paul Hahn as Ballistics Man

Ashley Cowan as Messenger

John Mitchum as Operative

Jack Harris as Court Clerk

Lida Piazza as Miss Wilson

Rickie Sorensen as Arthur Lindner

Leilani Sorensen as Small Girl

Items of interest:

Gertie goes on.

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