The case of the

Fan Dancer's Horse






William D. Russell

Teleplay by:

Stirling Siliphant



Synopsis By:

Starlight, Starbright, which Leona Fenton gets tried tonight?

Perry & Della witness a car accident which leads to found
ostrich feathers & high heels, a kiss to Perry, and, the "book" to be
thrown at Paul & Perry by Lt. Trag.

"A tough case" says Perry.


Some things to notice:

The fashion of men wearing hats, Perry & Paul
wearing rings on their right fingers, the handkerchiefs on the
left side of the jackets.

Watch that plant behind Perry's desk, it leaves the series
after awhile...and Paul's sports coat appearance, plus his co-worker
Frank Faulkner and another operative help out.

See the judge using a microphone, that fades out...also Gertie, Perry's receptionist has a speaking role, besides being
on the other side of a phone.

Della always treated with courtesy, Perry drives her home after the
nightclub scene.

Perry's instant wit & directness with the troubled client at the
record store & his stablility leads the way for his dynamic revelation of the truth in court, despite Hamilton Burger's attacks.


Guest Stars:

Susan Cummings as Lois Fenton

Scott Elliot as Arthur Sheldon

Judy Tyler as Cherie Chi-Chi

Robert Bice as Faulkner

Minerva Urecal as Landlady

Hugh Sanders as John Callender

Sydney Smith as Judge Donahue

John Brinkley as Jasper Fenton

Connie Cezon as Gertie

Rusty Westcoatt as Sgt. Holcomb

James Nolan as Meeker

Herbert C. Lytton as Dr. Lambert

Items of interest:

First mention of Perry's main phone number, MA(dison) 5-1190.

Gertie is a regular.

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