The case of the

Runaway Corpse

Episode #010
Season #01

Christian Nyby

Teleplay by:

Malvin Ward, Jack Jacobs


Myrna Davenport is in trouble when her husband accuses her of poisoning both him, and, her long dead uncle.

Myrna needs a miracle, so she calls Perry.

Perry gets busy and starts covering for her.

He does it so well that Burger tries to get him for tampering with evidence.

But, it doesn't take Dick Tracy to smell something fishy when, the husband's body dissapears just as he is supposed to be dying from the alledged poison.

Once again, our man Mason saves the day, and the girl! 

 Guest Stars:

June Dayton as Myrna Davenport

James Maloney as Dr. Renault

Sarah Selby as Louise Ansel

Adam Williams as Jason Beckmeyer

Rebecca Welles as Rita Norge

John Stephenson as Ed Davenport

Michael Fox as Dr. Hoxie

William Challee as Mr. Medford

Keith Alan as Officer Boom

Robin Morse as Dr. Mitchell

Martha Wentworth as Motel Manager

Jack Kenney as Kenny

Ed Jerome as Judge

Jack Harris as Court Clerk 

Items of interest:

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