The case of the

Vagabond Vixen

Episode #009
Season #01

Christian Nyby

Teleplay by:

I. C. Ward


 A Hollywood producer falls victim to the badger game when he picks up a curvy young girl in a bathing suit late one night on the Pacific coast highway.

He takes her to his studio’s bungalow and puts the moves on her.

When she runs outside to escape his lecherous advances she hears a single gunshot from inside.

Down the road she runs into a man who gives her a ride and, just happens to be the partner of her friend at the bungalow.

Later, he calls Perry for help when his partner’s body is found and the girl’s testimony puts him at the scene, with a strong motive for murder.

 Guest Stars:

Robert Ellenstein as John Addison

Catherine McLeod as Lorraine Ferrell

Carol Leigh as Veronica Dale

Peggy Converse as Myrtle Northrup

James Anderson as Peter Handsell

Barbara Pepper as Mrs. Dale

Paul Cavanagh as Edgar Ferrell

Robert Carson as Sgt. Bent

Pierre Watkin as Judge Keetley

Perry Ivins as Print Man

Russell Trent as Neff

Jack Gargan as Court Clerk

Lee Miller as Deputy Sheriff

Items of interest:

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