The case of the

Crimson Kiss

Episode #008
Season #01

Christian Nyby

Teleplay by:

Jowl Murcott, Walter Doniger, Milton Geiger


Fay Allison is elated about her soon-to-be wedding.

But, her roomate Anita isn't, since the man used to be her boyfriend.

One night, Fay's aunt Louise arrives late from out of town and finds both girls unconscious in bed.

When she is unable to wake her niece, she calls Perry for help.

When Perry and Della arrive, they follow the clues to a downstairs apartment and are the first to discover a dead man. A dead man with the lipstick imprint of his last kiss still on his forehead!

Tragg is not pleased to find Perry at the scene and obviously covering up for his client.

Perry has to follow the plot through more twists than a pig's tail before he can clear young Fay.

 Guest Stars:

Jean Willes as Anita Bonsal

Sue England as Fay Allison

Douglas Dick as Dane Grover

Gloria McGhee as Shirley Tanner

John Holland as Carver Clement

Connie Cezon as Gertie

Joi Lansing as Vera Payson

Douglas Evans as Don Ralston

Frances Bavier as Louise Marlow

John Harmon as Lab Man

Frank Wilcox as Judge Randolph

Howard Culver as Dr. Hawley

Items of interest:

Aunt Bea ( Frances Bavier ).

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