The case of the

Angry Mourner

Episode #007
Season #01

William D. Russell

Teleplay by:

William D. Russell


Perry is on a well deserved vacation in peaceful Bear Valley.

But, it doesn't stay quiet and peaceful for long.

Voluptuous but chaste Carla Adrian is accosted and has her blouse torn by a wheelchair bound wolf (Mark Cushing) late one evening at his cabin.

When the raucous romeo is found dead the next morning, Perry gets an early wake-up call from Carla's mom, Bell.

She wants Perry to keep her daughter's name clear of the impending scandal.

But, Bell herself is the one who needs Perry the most, when she is accused of the murder! 


Guest Stars:

Sylvia Field as Belle Adrian

James Westerfield as Sheriff Elmore

Joan Weldon as Marion Keats

Paul Fix as District Attorney Hale

Dorothy Adams as Betsy Burris

Malcolm Atterbury as Sam Burris

Barbara Eden as Carla Adrian

Peter Nelson as Harvey Delano

Eve McVeagh as Nora Fleming

Addison Richards as George Lansing

Eric Sinclair as Mark Cushing

Harry Tyler as Court Clerk

William Boyett as Motor Cop

Items of interest:

First "vegetarian" episode, no Burger (Hamilton).

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