The case of the

Silent Partner

Episode #006
Season #01

Christian Nyby

Teleplay by:

Donald S. Sanford


Mildred Kimber has a succesful business breeding orchids, (the favorite pastime of Raymond Burr in real life) and, a lot of problems.

One of her problems is her wishy-washy husband and his gambling losses.

Another problem is Mildred's bad heart.

But the biggest problem she has is Harry Marlowe and his scheme to win her husband’s stock in their company in a crooked poker game.

When people start dropping dead from poison and bullets, Perry must move quickly to nip Mildreds problems in the bud!



Guest Stars:

Peggy Maley as Lola Florey

Dan Seymour as Harry Marlow

Anne Barton as Mildred Kimber

Mark Roberts as Bob Kimber

Cyril Delevanti as Tulloch

Michael Emmet as Sam Lynk

Joe Abdullah as Mack Fried

Henry Hunter as Dr. Rubin

Dawn Richard as Ginger Kay

Jimmy McCallion as Veteran Reporter

Janet Stewart as Girl Reporter

Dan Sheridan as Welsh

Ed Stevlingson as Mr. Henry

Jann Darlyn as Miss Carling

Charles Franc as Mr. Curtis

Joe Quinn as Fire Chief

Don Anderson as Policeman

Richard Geary as Intern


Items of interest:

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