The case of the

Sulky Girl

Episode #005
Season #01

Christian Nyby

Teleplay by:

Harlod Swanton


 Frances Celane is secretly married to Rod Gleason, and pregnant.

Her uncle Edward Norton controls her trust fund and refuses to give his permission for her to get married, for at least two more years.

When uncle Norton is murdered and Rod ( her secret husband ) is at the scene, Perry has to prove he didn’t do it.

In spite of the fact that he had a great motive, and was seen by the secretary, standing over the body at the time of death!


Guest Stars:

Olive Sturgis as Fran Celane

William Schallert as Graves

Lillian Bronson as Clara

Robert Griffin as Crinston

Connie Cezon as Gertie

Brian Huttonas Rod Gleason

Raymond Greenleaf as Norton

Howard Wendell as Judge Purley

Paul Bryar as Sgt. Wilbur

Frank Wilcox as Judge Markham

Bob Kline as Officer Delaney

Larry Thor as Police Surgeon

Jack Gargan as Court Clerk

Dick Winslow as Reporter


Items of interest:

First appearance of Connie Cezon as Gertie, Perry's receptionist.

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