The case of the

Drowning Duck

Episode #004
Season #01

William D. Russell

Teleplay by:

I. C. Ward


 Marv Adams is a man with a past. His father was convicted of murder 18 years ago, and sent to the gas chamber.

Now, it looks like it might be Marv’s turn to follow in his old man’s footsteps, when he is accused of using one of his chemistry “tricks” to poison Donald Briggs.

Perry has to solve both cases this time, if he wants to keep Marv out of the gas chamber.


Guest Stars:

Carol Kelly as Lois Reed

Noland Leary as Judge Meeham

Victor Sutherland as Clyde Waters

Carolyn Craig as Helen Waters

Don Beddoe as George Norris

Paula Winslow as Martha Norris

Gary Vinson as Marv Adams

Harry Landers as Donald Briggs

Olive Blakeney as Mrs. Adams

Rusty Lane as Chief Glass

Tom London as Cabbie

Phillip Tonge as Cortland

Joseph Forte as Dr. Creel

Helen Hatch as Secretary

Clifford Botelho as Pedro


Items of interest:

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