The case of the

Nervous Accomplice

Episode #003
Season #01

William D. Russell

Teleplay by:

Stirling Siliphant


Sybil Granger is trying to stop her husband from straying away with a buxome gold digger, Roxy Howard.

She brings Perry along to spy on her hubby one day, in hopes that he can help her to regain his attention through some clever business maneuvering that will eliminate her rival.

Unfortunately, George Lutz, the company president, is eliminated instead, for good, and Sybil is the prime suspect.

Perry will stop at nothing to prove his client’s innocence! 


Guest Stars:

Maggie Hayes as Sybil Granger

Greta Thyssen as Roxy Howard

William Roerick as Bruce Granger

Robert Cornthwaite as Herbert Dean

Richard Hale as George Lutts

James Gavin as Jerome Keddie

Jean Howell as Vinnie Dean

Claudia Bryar as Ruth Marvel

Morris Ankrum as Judge Hoyt

Tyler McVey as Sam Elkins

Robert Bice as Hurley

Norman Leavitt as Alexander Redfield

George Eldredge as Fenton Thompson

Gail Bonney as Harriet

Sam Flint as Mr. Rector

Jack Harris as Court Clerk


Items of interest:

Roxy's fabulous 50's look and excessive double entendre comments.

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