The case of the

Sleepwalker's Niece

Episode #002
Season #01

William D. Russell

Teleplay by:

Laurence Marks, Gene Wang


Every one knows that Peter Cole is a sleepwalker. And, that one time he was even found standing over someone’s bed with a butcher knife in his hand!

So, when Philip Kendall, a man that was blackmailing Peter, is found stabbed to death in his bed, Perry has the difficult job of proving that his client did not do it!  


Guest Stars:

John McNamara as Peter Cole

Hillary Brooke as Doris Cole

John Archer as Frank Maddox

Nancy Hadley as Edna Hammar

Darryl Hickman as Steve Harris

Helen Mowery as Lucille Mays

Thomas B. Henry as Ralph Duncan

Harry Hickox as Phillip Kendall

Kenneth MacDonald as Judge

Tony Michaels as Jackson

Clark Howat as Policeman

Fred Graham as Sheriff

Joey Ray as Detective

Jack Harris as Court Clerk

Items of interest:

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