The case of the

Restless Redhead

Episode #001
Season #01

William D. Russell

Teleplay by:

Russel S. Hughes


Evelyn Bagby finds a strange gun in her cigarette box one night and calls Perry immediately, to prevent any trouble.

She’s no stranger to trouble, having recently been acquitted of a robbery charge in Riverside. There’s plenty of trouble in store now, too.

When, on Perry’s advice she tries to go to a hotel, she is chased by a strange man wearing a white hood. In a panic she fires the pistol at the man’s car.

Later, Perry finds out from Tragg that someone has killed a man, who was wearing a white hood in his car.

It looks like Perry has his work cut out for him in his first TV case!  

 Guest Stars:

Whitney Blake as Evelyn Bagby

Vaughn Taylor as Mr. Boles

Jane Buchanan as Mrs. Boles

Ralph Clanton as Aldritch

Dick Rich as Sgt. Holcomb

Gloria Henry as Helene Chaney

Grandon Rhodes as Judge Kippen

Clark Howat as Policeman

Norman Leavitt as Mr. Redfield

Helen Mayon as Mary Thompson

Jack Gargan as Court Clerk

Lorraine Martin as Drake's Operator

Items of interest:

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