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Dad says that they better get out of there quick, because there isn't going to be anywhere safe within fifty miles once these guys get going!!

The Girl is worried about her Dad, so they set out to find him. They find a car with the keys in it, abandoned. They get in, and set out towards the city.



Hira-Jin is on his feet and firing with a vengeance at Rodan, who is blowing the hell out of downtown Vegas with his wings as he tries to get away. Angiras rushes in and bites Hira-Jin wildly on the arm, tearing a large chunk of flesh away from his upper arm. The fluid that comes out is a cross between blood and antifreeze. It is very dark, and very thick.

Hira-Jin is definitely feeling intense pain and frustration as he turns around, and right in front of him is, Godzilla! Godzilla, without hesitating, throws a tremendous right cross followed by a pile-driver left jab right into Hira-Jin's cut eye! His head snaps around on his neck, and he goes down like a ton of bricks, as Godzilla lets out a triumphant roar!



The Commander and the Scientist are rushing through a transport tube in the midst of total chaos. There are explosions and fire everywhere, mutant cyborgs are prowling around with the half-eaten bodies of their former keepers in their hands and mouths.

The Scientist tells the Commander that as soon as they reach his special escape saucer, they will be safe. He tells him that he has a condo in Tahoe that they can hide out in for awhile.



The Prof. is helping an older woman out of her wrecked car in front of Caesar's Palace. As he is trying to pull her out of the car, the foot of Hira-Jin comes down in the intersection behind the Prof. He hears the crash and turns around to see the other foot coming down, right at him and the car! The lady panics, and screams bloody murder as the Prof. dives away, just in time to avoid being crushed. The lady is not so lucky, she and her car are crushed in a fiery explosion under Hira-Jin's taloned foot.


We see the car being crushed from the inside of a city bus, which is jammed with people. They begin to panic, and start to scream, and try to jump out of the windows. The driver is having a tough time controlling the bus, and he swerves, and rams it right into Hira-Jin's leg. Hira-Jin looks down at the bus. If it were possible, you would say that he smiled, as, he leans over and picks up the bus.

People are still trying desperately to escape, jumping from the door and windows screaming without regard for the height. As he gets the bus up to head height, Hira-Jin opens his mouth slowly, and his revolting, segmented metal tongue slides out, and around the front of the bus. He pulls his head back, like a soldier pulling a grenade pin, his tongue neatly pulling the front section off of the bus. There is a look of horror on the people in the front of the bus, as Hira-Jin tips the bus toward his mouth, and the people begin to fall into his waiting jaws like peanuts. Their anguished screams mix with a sound not unlike laughter from Hira-Jin.


POV is over Rodan's shoulder as he dives toward Hira-Jin below. Hira-Jin is looking up at him, weapons blazing, and is standing in front of Caesar's, with a limo full of dead Arabs under his foot, and a city bus in his hand, with screaming people jumping out of the windows, only to be killed when they hit the ground, a hundred feet below.

An army tank comes around the corner and the observer sees Hira-Jin and disappears, closing his hatch behind him.

Inside of the tank, the crew frantically bring their weapons to bear on Hira-Jin. On the screens of their computer systems grids line up on the target. Then we see the similar view, from Hira-Jin's POV, as he brings every weapon on one side of his body to full firing position, pointed directly at the tank. The tank Commander gives the order to fire, and the finger of the gunner comes down on the button. The muzzle of the gun belches flame and the shell explodes out, on its way toward the target. It harmlessly explodes against the impenetrable armor of Hira-Jin. Every weapon fires at the same time from Hira-Jin's body, but we don't see the tank any more, just a smoking pit in the road where it once was, and a helmet spinning on the tarmac, with some smoke still coming out of it.



Godzilla is coming towards the strip from the desert, when a silo opens up next to him, and a rocket starts to fire, on its way to space. Godzilla looks at it as it slowly starts to inch its way out of the silo. As the warhead gets to the height of his shoulder, Godzilla reaches over and grabs the missile. With the engine still blasting away, Godzilla pulls it towards his mouth and bites off the warhead, and it explodes in his teeth! He roars his approval, and wipes his mouth. Throwing the smoking wreck of the booster down to the desert floor, where it explodes and burns.



Hira-Jin is firing a huge salvo at Angiras, who is behind Bally's. As the rays and rockets tear into Angiras, many of them also rip into the hotel, resulting in great explosions, and much more mayhem and death.

Hira-Jin senses something behind him. When he turns, he is looking straight into Godzilla's open mouth! Before he has a chance to even begin to think, Godzilla blasts him for all he's worth, and Angiras hits him from behind, right in the small of the back. This, along with his cooked face, causes him to cry out in anger and pain, as he stumbles through a couple of hotel buildings, a parking garage, a swimming pool, and a shopping center.

A couple of news helicopters are hovering nearby, and we see the cameraman in one of them motioning for his pilot to get closer to the action.

We see his shot on a TV set, in a store window that, miraculously, is not broken. Watching the set are the Prof. and, his new friend and traveling companion, Marie, a hooker who is about 33, and kind of pretty. They have their arms around each other as they stand in the middle of the cacophony and destruction. Inside the chopper the cameraman is leaning out the window to get his shot. He looks straight into the eye of Hira-Jin, and for an instant, everything is silent. Then we hear the computer's beeps, we see the screen as it lines up on the cameraman's forehead, and for one instant, we see the fear in his eyes. Then, we are overwhelmed by the sound, as all of Hira-Jin's weapons fire, at both of the choppers, at once, blowing them into orange vapor in the sky over the strip.



The Scientist and the Commander have reached the chamber where the escape saucer is stored. In the hangar, along with the saucer, there are two cyborgs. One of them is a failure, a misshapen, pitiful thing that barely has a recognizable form, and another beast, that looks like it was made from a snake and a cockroach. The Scientist speaks to them in a subdued tone, as if they were two of his miniature poodles that had been caught sleeping on the sofa. They are not in the mood, and they both make threatening advances toward the men. An explosion nearby distracts them for a moment, and the Commander draws his weapon and fires on the two cyborgs. The failure explodes in a disgusting cloud of tissue and fluids. The other one is cut in half, but the top half survives long enough to nearly grab the Commander, before he blasts it again, this time, completely destroying it.

They waste no more time in getting into the saucer and closing the hatch, as more cyborgs come into the chamber and begin to move toward the small saucer. The Commander is frantic with fear now, and he screams hysterically for the Scientist to hurry up as he watches the horrible forms of the cyborgs approaching the ship on the viewing screen. The Scientist finally gets it together and fires up the main propulsion units on the saucer. But, since he hasn't followed proper procedure and cleared the area, and since the photon-drive engines on the saucer reach temperatures approaching that of the sun at close range, the cyborgs are summarily barbecued as the saucer takes off through an escape dome that has opened up in the ceiling of the chamber.

We follow as the saucer makes its way through an elaborate system of underground flight tunnels. Along the way scenes of wholesale slaughter and destruction are on every side. It is obvious that this is the end of the Mysterian's base.



Cut to outdoors in the still of the night, somewhere far away from the battle in Vegas. The quiet beauty of the night is shattered as the escape saucer seems to be coming up from the earth itself, it is out of sight in an instant, and the night is quiet once more.



Godzilla is lit up like a Christmas tree, as all of Hira-Jin's weapons are firing on him relentlessly. He is being pushed back, into a group of hotel buildings near the convention center. As he loses his balance, and falls into the hotel, he roars. Crashing to the ground, Godzilla manages to bring his head around and gets off one good blast of breath, right in Hira-Jin's face.



Angiras turns to come to Godzilla's aid. On his way, he encounters a group of mobile missile launchers on a side street. They spot him and open fire on him with an unreal amount of rockets. He is pinned against a building and at least a hundred rockets explode against his body.

Rodan is diving toward the battle below. As he sails past, his giant wings flapping, the resulting high speed wind blows all of the rocket launchers into each other, and they begin to explode in a series of multi-colored explosions.

Godzilla is still hung-up in the hotel buildings as Hira-Jin starts to bring his tail around to deal a deadly blow to his head. Godzilla turns his head down, and gives the street a blast of his breath. This results in the surface under Hira-Jin's feet exploding and caving in, as the roadway itself turns into a sticky bed of molten asphalt. Hira-Jin roars and roars as he slowly topples over. As soon as he hits the ground, Godzilla kicks him in the face and the stomach as he thrashes around in the wreckage of the strip, which is nothing more than a row of empty shells, all on fire, surrounded by the panic stricken public, and the helpless armed forces of the earthlings.

Yet another missile takes off from its silo in the distance and makes its way into space.



The family is driving slowly down one of the suburban streets around the outskirts of the battle. They hear the cries of the monsters and feel the percussion of the explosions. As they approach an intersection, the Prof. and Marie are coming out of one of the abandoned and partially destroyed rooms of a former cheap motel.

The Boy is the first one to see them and he screams the Prof's name. Everybody turns to look, and when they see him and Marie, the Girl looks puzzled, Mom looks suspicious, and Dad smiles. But, no matter what, they are all glad to see each other and begin introductions.



Angiras roars as he begins to charge Hira-Jin, who is standing behind the convention center. He runs down the street, past the space-needle hotel, and as Angiras reaches the parking lot of the convention center, Hira-Jin does two things simultaneously.

First, he begins to bring his tail around to strike at Angiras, but, we see a look of concentration on Hira-Jin's face, and on his back, we see that an entire section of his back is moving up, away from his body. Seen from the side it is a giant weapon-pod that moves out from his back, and positions itself behind Hira-Jin's head. From the front, it makes him look like a space-battleship.

As soon as the weapon-pod is in position, Hira-Jin brings his tail around, and every gun, rocket, laser, bullet and b-b that he has at his command is fired at the same time, straight at Angiras! Needless to say, Angiras is in trouble, deep.

Seen from inside the space-needle hotel, Angiras is in the parking lot, Hira-Jin behind the convention center, and Godzilla over by the Hilton. As the first of the volley hits him, Angiras roars and tries to stand up. At this point the ray from Hira-Jin's tail hits him, and he is blown completely over, becoming airborne, due to the intensity of the attack! As he comes down, Angiras lands directly on the space-needle hotel. The people inside try futilely to escape. Angiras comes down on his back, crushing the hotel and every living thing inside.

Rodan roars and starts to dive toward Hira-Jin. Godzilla, seeing his chance to sneak up on the blind side, gives an answering roar, and starts to move in from the other side, as Hira-Jin looks at Rodan. He hears Godzilla's roar, and whips his head around to see that, he has more than one problem.

His head swings about half way back toward Rodan, and then stops, very still. We see his POV, as the viewing screen inside his mind switches over to binaural operation. Each of his eyes is now independently tracking it's own target, one on Rodan, and one on Godzilla. The weapon pod comes to bear on Godzilla, and at the same time, the tail and the rest of the body-weapons come around and aim at Rodan. Then, from behind Angiras, Hira-Jin fires everything he's got, in two directions at once.

First, Godzilla gets hit by the staggering wall of explosives unleashed by Hira-Jin! Godzilla and everything around him are engulfed in flames and smoke! Rodan gets hit by the main ray from the tail, and it causes him to lose control. In the view from behind Angiras, Rodan plummets toward the downtown area. Godzilla topples over, and his head slams into a gasoline truck that is on the street. When his head hits it, the truck explodes, and Godzilla's head is drenched in flaming gasoline! He raises his head, which is on fire, and gives a plaintiff wail and roar, as the flames engulf him.

On the street downtown, Rodan slams into a line of casinos all lit up for business. There are grisly scenes of painful death as the entire downtown area is wiped out by the careening body of Rodan as he falls from the sky. Angiras roars, Godzilla, still on fire, roars, and then blasts randomly with his breath. Rodan slides through a parking lot, destroying all the cars and campers parked there.



The saucer hovers over the earth. Inside, the Scientist is telling the Commander what, in his opinion, was wrong with the way that the Commander ran things, and how they should go about it the next time, to avoid making the same stupid mistakes again. This is too much for the Commander, and he slowly draws his laser pistol behind the Scientist's back. The Scientist somehow senses this and turns in time to grab the pistol, and a fight ensues.

While the fight is going on, on the viewer in the saucer is one of the U.S. missiles as it arcs gracefully up, from the face of the planet. Inexorably, it draws closer as the tide turns against the Scientist. The Commander breaks free with the gun and blows off the Scientist's right shoulder, we see him look in disbelief at the mortal wound. Then, in his eyes, is the look of real panic. His "face" jumps off his head, and underneath it, he looks like a hundred miles of bad road. The Commander is chasing the face, trying to kill it, when, he looks up at the viewer screen, to see the nose of the missile as it touches the saucer, and they both go boom, in a super-nova size space explosion that's all green and orange.



Hira-Jin is standing in the middle of the strip. The entire city is a shambles around him. Godzilla and Angiras stand at 45 degree angles to him. Rodan circles overhead.

Hira-Jin's eyes are swiveling from side to side, and his tail is snapping nervously back and forth. Suddenly, Angiras roars and charges. He hits Hira-Jin full in the stomach, and Hira-Jin roars with pain as he recoils from the charge.

While Hira-Jin is busy with Angiras, Godzilla and Rodan begin to mount their own offensive. Godzilla starts to move toward Hira-Jin, and Rodan begins a climb high up into the air. As Godzilla begins to gain speed in his charge, Hira-Jin turns to see him coming, but there is nothing that he can do, Godzilla is too close.

Godzilla looks down to see, there, in the exact place where his foot is about to fall, one of the rare butterflies from the canyon, the first to be seen outside of the canyon. Godzilla swerves to avoid hitting the butterfly, Hira-Jin sees his opening, and fires a huge fusillade of rockets and rays at Godzilla, and he goes down behind it, but, the butterfly is OK.

At this moment, Rodan is screaming in at about a million miles an hour. Just as Hira-Jin looks up to see him, he is there in his face, and puts his one remaining claw deep inside of the wounded upper arm of Hira-Jin and grabs hold of the bone, tight, and turning, starts to climb again. There is a look of panic on his face, as Hira-Jin realizes that Rodan does not want to take him for a joy-ride!

Close-up of the arm as Rodan ascends. The arm begins to separate from Hira-Jin's body, at the shoulder. Hira-Jin is screaming the scream of the damned, as Rodan finishes pulling his arm off at the shoulder. Rodan climbs high with the amputated arm clutched tightly in his one remaining claw. Godzilla roars his approval. Angiras joins in with a roar.

As he reaches the top of his climb, Rodan releases the arm and it falls to earth in the desert. The thick cyborg blood flows from it as it comes to rest in the sand. Godzilla, sensing that the end is near, closes in for the kill.

But, no one has told Hira-Jin that it's over, so he comes out, short one arm, but long on guts, all remaining weapon systems firing, in a blaze of fury that is fantastic to see.

But, he is like a washed up fighter who just doesn't know when to lie down and take the count. Not that these guys would let him, even if he wanted to! Angiras charges from behind, and Godzilla blasts him from the front with his breath. When Angiras gets in behind Hira-Jin, he grabs his legs and tips him onto his face, where Godzilla stomps on the back of his head.



Rodan turns from the battle and flys toward the Grand Canyon entrance to the secret base.



The family arrives near the convention center, with the battle in the background. They get out of the car to watch the finale.



Hira-Jin is in bad shape. He has lost the use of his other arm, and there is a lot of blood, (fluid?), flowing down the now useless, remaining limb. It smokes and sputters like a video game with a pepsi in it's cpu.

He is backed up against the Hilton hotel, cornered, like a rat. He snarls at Godzilla and Angiras as they face off. A few of his remaining weapons go off from time to time, but, there are not enough left to be effective against the likes of these guys. Hira-Jin is firing them out of simple reflex. For all intents and purposes, he is finished.



Rodan is over the Grand Canyon at the entrance to the secret base. He climbs, turns, and dives right in through the now blown-out landing bay door, in the wall of the canyon. He hurtles through the tunnel system, his tremendous sonic boom following him, destroying all traces of the evil Mysterian science.



While they are circling for the kill, Angiras remembers an old game, and decides to play. He reaches into one of the landscaped areas in front of a hotel, and picks up a huge boulder. He bats it back and forth a few times, until he catches Godzilla's eye. Hira-Jin has just enough consciousness left to notice it also. Godzilla catches on, and nods to Angiras. Angiras bats the boulder back and forth a few times, to get up some speed, and then, he hurls it straight at Godzilla!

At that moment, Rodan emerges from the tunnel, followed by an outrageous amount of smoke and fire. He sees what is going on, and this time he wants to play, very badly.

As the boulder streaks toward Godzilla, Rodan heads straight up into the air. When the boulder gets to Godzilla, he knocks it straight up into the air. Hira-Jin follows it with his eyes, as do we all.

Rodan finally turns and heads down, straight for the boulder. He gives it a terrific kick with the one claw he has left, and sends it straight at Hira-Jin. We see, in Hira-Jin's eye, the absolute terror that is in his cyborg heart. The boulder slams into Hira-Jin's face, directly into the cut over his eye. It takes off the entire side of his head. His body is suspended for a Moment in silence. Then a series of electrical explosions begin deep inside his lifeless form. The remaining arm blows itself off at the shoulder, and crashes, burning, into the street.

Then a series of blue-white lightning bolts begin to encircle his body, flowing from his waist, and enveloping what's left of his head. Then a low rumble starts, and he explodes at the waist, effectively cutting him in half. But, before the top half can begin to fall, his head explodes in a huge ball of purple flame. The burned out hulk that is left settles into a heap on the street and begins to smolder like a rubbish fire.

Godzilla roars. Angiras roars. Rodan roars. Women weep, and the men dance. Somewhere, a slot machine hits the jackpot.



The family, stares with their mouths open, as Godzilla finishes his victory roar, and turns to walk away, into the desert. The camera pulls out and up, ending up with a perfect vantage point to survey the almost total destruction of the strip, surrounded by the still smoking missile silos.

In the foreground, is a tree limb, and on it, a butterfly.



The Prof., Marie, and the little Girl are at the railing, waving good-bye to the plane as it takes off. The Girl is wearing the young Boy's Tokyo Giants hat .



The Boy is sitting between his Mom and Dad. He asks Dad "What will happen to Godzilla now?" His Dad looks down at the Grand Canyon, and then he slowly looks out at the rest of America, and turns to the Boy saying, "I don't know, but you can be sure that we'll hear about it!"

Mom asks the Boy "What happened to your hat?"



We see the plane, and we hear the young Boy say, "I don't know, I guess I lost it somewhere."



The end,

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