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The general in charge talks to his assistants about his fear that the activity of the monsters will somehow detonate one or more of the nuclear missiles that are kept in silos underground throughout the desert around Las Vegas. The decision is made to fire the rockets into space and detonate them there, to avoid harming the innocent populace.



The Prof. arrives at the dam in time to see one of the lasers from the saucer fire wild and the ray tears up several of the campers and winnebagos parked at the dam.



Father is calling out to the guard. When he arrives, Father tells him that the Girl is sick and that he thinks that it might be serious. The guard shrugs, and starts to deactivate the force-field. Then he stops and looks at Mom, remembering how she hurt him before, he motions for her to stand on the other side of the cell, away from the others. He steps into the cell, keeping his eye on Mom all the time.

As he passes in front of Dad, on his way to the Girl, Dad totally equalizes him with some of the most beautiful karate this side of Kung-fu, the series!

Dad picks up the guard's weapon, looks at Mom, and smiles, "I guess no one told him that I was your first instructor!".



Rodan swoops past the saucer and this causes it to wobble in the air. The captain gives the order to fire. The lasers lash out from the ship, and, in close-up, they neatly slice off one of Rodan's feet! Rodan screams in agony, and drops Angiras toward the lake and the dam. Angiras plummets toward the water, with Rodan's foot still clinging to his shoulder. From the stump of Rodan's leg, a fountain of crimson blood shoots out. Rodan roars in pain, very loudly.



Prof. is getting out of his car on a hill overlooking the dam. He sees Angiras plummet into the lake and, fall against the dam. Inside the dynamo room water starts to leak through the walls and, a woman screams as people start to panic. When Angiras hits the dam, Rodan's foot comes loose and flies off, hitting the gift shop, and many people are senselessly and graphically killed.



The silos open and the first of hundreds of nuclear missiles blasts off for space.



The duty officer tells a man at a computer console to keep launching the missiles at a rate of two every minute, until he gives him orders otherwise.



The Commander is watching the battle on his screen with the Scientist. He remarks that the two monsters are more formidable than he first imagined, and perhaps it would be exciting to see his Hira-Jin tear them both to pieces. The Scientist smiles and turns to a control panel, where he initiates the sequence to transport Hira-Jin to the sight of the battle.

Meanwhile, in one of the corridors, the family is making their way past one of the pens that hold the beasts. In the background, in the shadows, we see the silhouette of Hira-Jin. Then the lights blare on and we hear the tremendous sound of machinery as we get our first real look at Hira-Jin.

He is a fantastic sight! Almost 300 feet tall, part man, part gila monster, and part Mysterian battle tank!! His flesh seems to blend into metal and incredible arrays of weapons are seen to be an actual part of his body. His face is the embodiment of hate and evil.

As his form begins to roll forward on the automated machinery, his face begins to twitch, and we see his eyelids flutter. As they open, we see that his eyes are no more than two huge, ragged holes, seemingly torn from the flesh of his pupils, and rimmed in an almost phosphorescent glow of livid red. His mouth flexes open and we see his tongue is actually segmented metal, as it slides among the countless rows of needle-like teeth!!

Hira-Jin slowly rolls from the room, and toward one of the transport tubes. Dad looks at Mom and frowns, the Girl looks at the Boy and shudders, the Boy looks at Mom and she puts her arm around him and looks at Dad, who gives the signal, and they all move on, down the corridor.



Prof. is pulling away from the dam and heading back to Vegas.



The saucer loops back towards the dam and Rodan starts to bank around too. Angiras is struggling to his feet in the lake, knocking out sections of the edge of the dam as he stands up. Just as he gets upright, he roars and the saucer lets go with it's most cruel volley yet. Just as they fire, Rodan swoops by and brushes the saucer with one of his wings.

The first part of the volley catches Angiras full in the chest and slams him backward into the dam again. The rest of the lasers hit the dam, and, it is too much for it. As Angiras hits the dam, inside the dynamo room the walls fall inward, behind the crush of billions of gallons of water, from the largest man-made lake in the world. Many people are drowning, and in underwater shots, the bodies are swirling in the murky water.



All this time, the missiles in the silos are being continuously fired one after the other, into space.



The family has reached the area where the controls for the pens are. There are two Mysterians on duty here. Mom and Dad quickly eliminate them. We see their "living make-up" masks crawl off their faces and begin to smoke and decay as they are revealed for what they are, old, frail, frightened men. The "masks" make hideous, pitiful sounds as they turn into pools of thick green jelly-like substance that smokes and quickly dries up.

As the kids come into the room, the Girl sees the computer console and sits down, smiling. The Boy asks her if she knows what she's doing, and she gives him a dirty look as, she begins to type in commands on the keyboard. Everyone gathers around as the Girl begins to sort through screen after screen of bizarre graphics and strange writing.



The armed forces are at a loss. They are totally ineffective against the monsters and the Mysterians. All they can do is keep firing and try to evacuate the town.



Trucks and tanks are driving chaotically through the streets of downtown and on the strip. All the while, in the background, the missiles continue firing into space.



The Prof. has reached town, but must abandon his car in front of Caesar's because of the uncontrollable mob on the strip. There are scenes of despair and of decadence as he tries to get home through the madhouse that the city has become.



Angiras is tumbling downstream with the flow of water from the dam as the saucer comes around to confront Rodan. The captain shouts an order, and a huge blast of lasers originating from every conceivable point on the saucer slam into Rodan and he roars, spinning out of control toward the remains of the dam. He slams into the dam and completely totals it.

The generating towers explode and the bridge falls into the canyon as the saucer turns around to make another run. There is a chain reaction downstream as the wall of water slams into another dam and causes it to overflow into a valley full of cattle. The cattle are all carried away by the water.



The Prof. is near the convention center now, and he sees a group of showgirls in costume, nearly nude, running across the street, their elaborate headresses in dissaray.



The Commander is watching the battle with intense concentration on his viewing screen when a messenger tells him of the escape of the family. He tells him not to bother him with routine security matters, especially at a time like this!

Cut to the face of the little Girl in deep concentration as she looks at the screen of the computer. She shrugs, looks around to see if anyone is watching her. They aren't, so she closes her eyes and hits a key. She looks up at the monitor of Godzilla, and sees no change. She sighs, and looks at the screen once more.

Unknown to her, her action has caused the field around one of the beast pens to disappear, and one of the cyborgs moves out, and into the corridor. It is a repulsive creature, about eight feet long, several feet high, it looks like a huge scorpion mounted on the treads of a tank. It moves toward the room where the family is.

In the Commander's chamber, the Scientist announces that Hira-Jin is almost in position in the tunnel near Las Vegas. There is a scene of tremendous machinery working away to propel the body of Hira-Jin toward the lift that will take him into the battle.



Rodan is airborne again, and Angiras has made his way to the top of a mountain, with Las Vegas behind him in the distance, and the valley with the shattered dam in front.

The saucer screams down at Angiras as Rodan comes up from underneath it and slams his back up, into the saucer. This causes it to go haywire, just as it is firing another salvo at Angiras. The lasers hit everywhere, the mountain, Angiras's arms and chest, one of them even hits Rodan. Angiras looses his footing when part of the mountain that he is standing on is blown away by the lasers. He falls down the back side of the mountain, towards Las Vegas, and comes to rest on the freeway outside of town. Many frightened motorists panic as the incredible bulk of Angiras crashes into the roadway.



The cyborg is turning into the control room where the family is. They all have their backs to the door because they are watching the Girl at the computer. As it tries to pass through the door, the cyborg is delayed by the fact that its body will not fit through the door without some maneuvering.

The young Boy is the first to turn around and be confronted with the sight of a slimy, half ton of mechanized scorpion trying to get through the door to eat them. He is remarkably cool as he looks around quickly and spots one of the Mysterian ray pistols on the floor nearby.

By now Mom and Dad have turned around and are flabbergasted by the sight. Before either of them has a chance to do anything, the Boy dives for the gun. As he does, the cyborg lashes out with one of its huge pincers, narrowly missing the Boy. He comes up with the gun, and the Girl turns around just in time, to see him dust the cyborg with a cruel sounding blast from the gun. We hear the anguished scream and death rattle of the pitiful beast.

As the Girl looks at the Boy and sighs, the Boy gives her a slight smile and then, realizes what he's doing, and quickly changes it to a snarl. The Girl, and Mom and Dad all smile as she returns to work at the keyboard, and the Boy gives the gun to Dad.



Rodan is hurtling toward the saucer as they are taking aim at Angiras. He thrashes the saucer with his wing as he passes by it. It begins to seriously wobble.

Cut to the bridge of the saucer to see the condition of total panic as the Mysterians are almost in tears, knowing that they are about to die. Flash to the face of the Commander at the base and he is dumbfounded, his mouth agape, as he watches the saucer explode in one of the biggest fireballs yet. Angiras and Rodan roar, as bits of the saucer rain down all over the desert.



The Commander is absolutely livid with rage as he watches the pieces of his battle saucer come down like so much confetti on new years. He screams for Hira-Jin! He screams for revenge! He screams for blood!



The sublimely evil face of Hira-Jin is slowly revealed in sinister silhouette by the laser-like rays of sunlight as the hatch above him is slowly opened.



The Boy is yelling "Hurry up!" as the Girl is feverishly pecking at the keyboard of the computer. In the chamber, Godzilla stands, perfectly still and silent. The room is hushed except for the almost comforting sound of the machines as they go on relentlessly performing their duties.

A guard is sitting at a control panel, looking very bored.

Cut to a close-up of the eye of Godzilla. It is the only thing moving in his huge body, and it slowly scans the entire room, over and over again. The screen is filled with a close-up of Godzilla's eye and we hear the far-away cry of Angiras. As the eye twitches, we sense that Godzilla knows that Angiras is in trouble!



The Prof. sees Angiras moving toward the city as Rodan comes to light next to him. They both roar as they greet each other. The Prof. looks across the street and sees a young woman in shorts and a halter top playing a slot machine as if nothing were going on.



The Commander leans toward his screen and hisses, in a very low voice, "At last!"

On the screen, the body of Hira-Jin is passing the camera, as he is slowly raised to the surface.



"But what if I release another one of those creepy monsters?" says the Girl. "We must take that chance, darling", says Mom. "That's right honey," says Dad, "There just isn't any time left, from the sound of things up there!", as the distant sounds of the battle rumble through the secret base.



The Prof. stops dead in his tracks as he sees Hira-Jin slowly surfacing in the desert, out beyond the strip. As he watches the massive form slowly being revealed, we begin to comprehend just how much firepower is contained in this gargantuan cyborg body.



The Girl has her eyes closed again and everyone is watching as she presses a key on the computer. As they look up at the monitor, she, and we, see the guard at his desk playing absentmindedly with his shoe, and behind him the force-field around Godzilla slowly disappears!

Cut to a close-up of the guard, still unaware. The family watches breathlessly as Godzilla slowly and silently bends over and opens his cavernous mouth, bristling with a double row of needle sharp teeth. The guard manages to turn around just as Godzilla's mouth reaches him and daintily chomps him in half, like something on a toothpick from an hors d'oeuvres tray!

The family cheers and is beside themselves with glee as Godzilla begins to move out! The Scientist looks worried as he and the Commander are told of the escape of Godzilla. The Commander is outraged at the news, and he draws his pistol and shoots the messenger that told him. The alien's "living make-up" leap off of his face, and the Commander crushes it disdainfully as it squeals from under his boot.



Godzilla reaches an intersection in the system of tunnels. To his left he sees a long tunnel that fades away in the distance. He hears the far away cries of Angiras and Rodan and pauses for a moment, then he glances to his right and sees the main landing bay for the Mysterians saucers. Without hesitation he opens his mouth and sends a giant blast of radio-active breath right into the heart of the fleet. The saucers begin to break apart and explode as the Mysterians in the area panic and try in vain to escape.

Many "living masks" are scampering across the floor and bleating pitifully. Godzilla turns and starts to walk toward the sound of the battle as the remaining saucers explode and start a chain reaction, that blows out the wall of the Grand Canyon, where we saw them bring in Godzilla when he arrived from Monster Island.



Hira-Jin has just reached the surface and the restraining force-field slowly fades away. The muscles in his body begin to ripple with life. An unlucky Air Force jet is passing overhead and Hira-Jin reacts to its presence instantly.

Cut to a computer style overlay on what appears to be an infrared representation of what he sees, the jet. The weapons systems in his body react to the information from his eyes and come to bear on the target. Without hesitation they fire.

The Prof. watches as the jet is vaporized and Hira-Jin starts to move toward the strip, letting out the most ungodly roar this side of hell!



Godzilla passes another intersection. He sees chambers full of computers and machines. He torches all of it and moves on.



A multitude of cyborgs are running around, killing each other, killing Mysterians, and being killed by Mysterians. The family is moving cautiously but quickly around the periphery of the action. There is an enormous amount of commotion and noise as things are blowing up and dieing everywhere. The family make their way to one of the tubes and get into the transporter. Dad pushes some buttons and looks at Mom saying, "I hope I remembered the right ones!". The car begins to move very quickly.



Rodan roars as Angiras runs at Hira-Jin. Hira-Jin whips his tail around to the front and when it gets there, a ray fires from the tip, and hits Angiras right in the shoulder, knocking him flat. He roars as he falls and crashes into some buildings, and a gas station, causing a series of devastating explosions. Rodan roars and takes off as Angiras tries to stand up and get back in the fight.



Godzilla is looking up through the hatch where Hira-Jin came out. As he looks, the transporter with the family arrives. They get out, and see Godzilla. He looks at them, and they look at him. He looks at them, they look at him. Then the Boy steps forward. Godzilla watches him as he walks slowly to the control panel. The family holds its breath as the Boy reaches out and, slowly, presses a large button on the panel.

The battle rages above as the machinery of the lift drowns out all other sounds, and Godzilla looks knowingly at the Boy as the slowly rising platform carries him up to the battleground. The family cheers, and they embrace the Boy. The Girl gives him a kiss, and he doesn't even mind, much.



Angiras is circling above Hira-Jin, looking for an opening. They are in the desert, just behind Circus-Circus, on the strip.

Behind Hira-Jin, in the distance, the head of Godzilla appears slowly, as he is raised on the lift. Angiras sees him and calls out to his friend, just as Rodan dives into Hira-Jin, delivering a viscous slash to his face with his remaining claw. This results in a cut which goes across Hira-Jin's eye, and bleeds a lot, but his eye is OK.

Hira-Jin is in the process of whipping his tail around to take a shot at the retreating Rodan, when Angiras rushes him, and throws himself into Hira-Jin's mid-section, toppling him over, right into Circus-Circus.

Cut to the giant clown that forms the sign, as his head explodes, and the entire sign is engulfed in flames. Inside the main casino, besides the usual gamblers, the circus acts continue to perform over the casino floor. The trapeze artists are thrown from their tower as the entire roof of the casino falls in under the combined weight of Hira-Jin and Angiras.

There are horrible scenes of death and destruction as chandeliers crash to the floor and slot machines topple over onto helpless people.




The family comes up on the elevator platform just in time to see Rodan bearing down on Hira-Jin, who is still down on the ground, struggling to stand up. And boy, is he mad! His weapons are going off at will, from all parts of his body, as his uncontrollable rage seethes over the boiling point.

In a close-up you can see hate in his eyes. In a long shot, the fight on the strip where Hira-Jin is firing all his guns at once in all directions.

The missiles are still being fired from the silos, and as the camera pulls back even farther, we are looking from a vantage point that is directly between, and a little behind, Godzilla's feet and legs.

We see what he sees, chaos, explosions, lasers, but, somehow, it seems far away. There is an odd calm as Godzilla looks down at the family, into their eyes for just a moment, and then he slowly turns, and roars an ear splitting answer to the cries of his friends.

Then, he moves deliberately toward the battle in the distance.

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