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It is morning and Mom is making breakfast. Everyone is waking up. Dad asks the kids if they will please go and gather some more firewood before they wash up. The Girl smiles and looks at the Boy, as he grumbles and begins to walk away from the camp, with the Girl following.


Monster Island

Angiras is pleading with Rodan. Rodan is very uninterested, but Angiras is very insistent. He rants and raves until, Rodan seems to finally give up, and acquiesces. He slowly spreads his wings and rises up, over Angiras. As Angiras cries out, Rodan picks him up with his claws, and slowly flies away in the same direction as the Mysterian saucer. Angiras bellows, and Rodan shrieks wildly.



The Boy and Girl are on the side of a hill looking for wood, when, the Boy spots one of the butterflies hovering over a flower. He signals the Girl to be quiet, and they both watch as the butterfly goes from flower to flower. Unknown to them, behind them, a secret entrance to one of the Mysterian's tunnels opens silently, and a patrol steps out.

The patrol leader takes out his weapon and carefully takes aim. The butterfly is in the foreground, the kids in the distance, and the Mysterian, with his weapon aimed, is behind them. The Mysterian squeezes the trigger, and blows the butterfly to kingdom come, in slow motion. The Boy and Girl freak out and jump up to run, only to run right into the arms of the patrol leader, who is laughing hysterically at the butterfly's destruction.

As he turns to return to the tunnel, there is an announcement on his portable communicator that the saucer is returning, with the "specimen". One of his men asks if they can go to the rim to see the arrival. The leader says yes, and they walk a short distance to the edge of the Grand Canyon.

As the canyon is revealed, the saucer appears over the rim. Alarm registers on faces of the kids as they realize that, they might just be in a little bit of trouble here.

The patrol leader smiles as Godzilla is revealed behind the saucer, helpless and completely immobilized inside the tractor beam. There is a look of utter despair on the faces of the kids.



Mom wonders where the kids are and Dad tells her not to worry, that maybe the Girl will take the opportunity to try to give the Boy a kiss. The mother laughs, and says that he is probably right, but if she knows her son, the Girl is not going to have much luck for at least 4 or 5 more years!



The Commander is very excited about the arrival of Godzilla. He marvels at the size and obvious strength of the animal. He wonders if it would be any match for his own "special warrior". "What a pity that we'll never know," he says.

As he is talking, a messenger arrives and tells him of the capture of the two children. The Commander mentions how "You can go thirty years without a single soul coming over, and then one day, everybody decides to drop in!"



Prof. Lacey sees a news bulletin about Angiras and Rodan being spotted by radar in the Pacific, heading for North America.

This is followed by a short item about a man at the Grand Canyon who says that he has seen flying saucers around the canyon for over thirty years.

This is followed by several quick shots of people telling of seeing something just last night. The Prof. is worried about his little girl. He decides to drive out to the canyon and see if they are alright.



Dad admits that it has been a long time, and maybe he should go and look for the kids. Mom says, no way is he going for a nice walk, and leaving her to slave over a hot campfire, she's going with him!



The Boy and Girl are thrown into a force-field holding pen in the same area that houses the failed cyborgs. There are no walls, per-se, the pens are created by defining the area with a laser force-field. It looks as if the kids are standing among all the hideous beasts, in the cavernous interior of the secret base.

The Commander enters and begins to tell the kids a little of the background of the Mysterians. He tells them about the first time they came to earth. And how none of the fools that were in charge at the time had the balls to do the right thing, wipe out all the earthlings. But, that they, after all these years of hiding, were nearly strong enough to at last, do the job right!



Mom and Dad are in the same place that the kids were in, and looking around, when, the same entrance opens up, and the same patrol leader steps out, with the same evil smile on his face that he had when he blew the butterfly away.

As he steps forward, his boot crunches some gravel, and Mom whips around in full attack mode giving him 3 kicks, 5 chops to the head and body, and a knee to the groin before one of the other Mysterians plugs her with a paralysis ray.

Dad kneels to help Mom as all the weapons are leveled at his head. The patrol leader struggles to his feet, wiping blood from his mouth and nose. He walks over slowly, watching Mom closely. He orders his men to restrain them, and they all disappear into the tunnel.



Prof. Lacey is driving when he hears a news bulletin on the radio that Angiras and Rodan have been spotted by air force radar, heading for the California coast, near San Francisco.

The announcer warns that since Rodan is flying at supersonic speed, his great size creates a sonic boom with tremendous destructive power. No one knows where the two monsters are going, but everyone is worried. So is the Prof. !



A messenger tells the Commander that their radar has picked up Rodan and Angiras. The Commander tells him to keep him advised of the situation.



The operators are at the radar screens and a voice says that the flying monsters are approaching the Golden Gate.



It is rush hour on the Golden Gate bridge. The bridge is jammed with traffic in both directions. There are several scenes of typical commuters in their cars, as they hear the warning that Rodan is coming.



Rodan and Angiras are flying within sight of the bridge.



A ship (the love boat) is passing under the bridge, on it's way out to sea. The happy passengers are oblivious to the impending danger, and having a wonderful time. The radio operator panics, and frantically calls the captain with the warning.



Rodan and Angiras are flying, the ship is visible through a close up of Rodan's mighty wings.



In the dining room, the passengers are hearing the announcement but not realizing what is abouit to happen, because they are having such a wonderful time. They hear the sound of a tremendous crash and a sonic boom of tremendous power.

Rodan's wings continue to stroke the atmosphere violently. It causes the ceiling to collapse in the main salon on the ship.

Rodan's wings feed the increasing destructive wave. Angiras bellows. The Love Boat explodes in a spectacular fire-ball of twisted metal and shattered bodies!



A voice from a public address speaker tells of imminent chaos as Rodan approaches California.



The people in the vehicles begin to realize that they are in trouble, and panic.



Rodan and Angiras continue flying toward the bridge. They both roar.



We see the bridge, and in the background, Rodan flying with Angiras. POV is looking down, past Rodan, at the bridge.

On the bridge with the people, we can taste their panic. Rodan passes overhead, and the bridge starts to sway violently. Women are screaming, cars are being tossed around the bridge like toys, men are weeping.



Rodan flys on relentlessly.



A car begins to roll toward the edge of the bridge. From under the bridge, a car appears, and rolls over the edge of the bridge plunging horribly toward the ocean. We see Rodan's wing, and see the look of terror on the face of the driver. The car slams into the water and explodes. Rodan flys on.



The duty officer is ordering jets to scramble in California and Nevada.


Air field

The jets are scrambling, and the pilots and crews are getting into their flight suits as they run in all directions. Loads of rockets and shells are being placed into the belly of one of the fighters. The pilots are closing their cockpits and turning on all the equipment systems inside. The viewing screens and computer displays light up. A man in ear protectors and goggles signals with his flashlight, and the planes begin to take off.



The Prof. listens as announcers describe the scene of destruction at the bridge, and at other sights in the flight path. They speculate that the course, if it stays true, will carry the monsters over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon as they head toward the mid-west. One announcer says that it sounds like they are on a sight-seeing tour of the U.S.! The other one laughs.

The Prof. doesn't think that this is very funny, at all.



The Commander is standing in a huge, but dimly lit chamber. He sees the tremendous form of Godzilla, held motionless in the eerie glow of a force-field. He is standing on a platform with a huge glowing disk high above his head, generating the force-field. His eyes are watching the Scientist as he speaks. They are unmistakably full of hate.

The Chief Scientist is admonishing the Commander for doubting his ability to deal with the problem of their inability to reproduce. He reminds him of the many triumphs that have been achieved since they had the wisdom to separate themselves from the rest of the spineless Mysterians who put their tails between their legs and ran away, all those many years ago.

What about the spectacular results from his work with the techno-hybridization fusion principles?

The Commander reminds him of his many spectacular failures. The Scientist brushes this aside by reminding him of the cyborg "living make-up" that he, especially, is so fond of. "And, at the risk of sounding boastful, may I point out what I know to be your favorite toy, my most spectacular creation, the most powerful and merciless killing machine in the universe, your own, beloved, "Hira-Jin"!" ( hee-la-jeen )

The Commander gazes thoughtfully up the massive, shadowy form of Hira-Jin, held immobile in a force-field in the distance beyond Godzilla, in another adjacent chamber. "I'm afraid that he is a little bit too successful, allowing for the fact that even we can't control him, we only dominate him by sheer force of power. And, once he is allowed to taste blood, I'm afraid that there is no power in the universe that will be able to stop him!" As he is finishing, a messenger comes up and informs him of the course of Rodan and Angiras.

The Commander orders him to dispatch a battle saucer to deal with them. At this time, the parents are brought to the Commander and the Scientist. They are visibly shocked when they see Godzilla held prisoner by the Mysterian's force field. The Commander is visibly excited by the presence of the female. Father is visibly pissed off, and demands to know what the hell is going on, and, where are the children?



The Air Force jets are heading for their rendezvous with Rodan and Angiras, somewhere near Las Vegas. They are told not to engage the monsters until they are clear of the city.



Prof. hears an evacuation notice for Vegas on his radio.



Some people begin to panic as we hear the announcement that Rodan and Angiras are on their way. Others, play on at the tables, oblivious to the danger.



There is panic outside on the strip, as Rodan and Angiras approach the city.



Rodan and Angiras look down at the city streets, gridlocked with chaos.



The Parents are boarding a transport tube with the Commander as he explains to Father that they have a vast network of tubes stretching for hundreds of miles under the continent. The guard is still keeping his distance from Mom.



More scenes of panic. People are stuffing money into every pocket, drunks at the bars continue drinking.



Rodan and Angiras clear the city, and head toward Hoover Dam.



There is the usual throng of carefree tourists at the dam, on the observation deck, in the gift shop, down in the dynamo room.



Air Force radar has spotted a UFO approaching the dam at speeds even greater than Rodan's!



The pilot spots the Mysterian battle saucer as it comes over the horizon.



Rodan and Angiras are also aware that they are not alone in the sky over the dam, Angiras roars his disapproval.



Father is talking to everyone, explaining that they must escape and find some way to free Godzilla and stop the Mysterians. He says that he has a plan.



The pilot fires a volley of missiles at Rodan. Two of them hit him in one wing. He falters, and he nearly drops Angiras. Angiras roars. One of the rockets harmlessly explodes against the side of the saucer. The captain snarls, and the gunners obliterate the jet in a tremendous burst of multi-colored laser fire.

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