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Against a black background, a graphic ( 1957 ) slowly fades up, then slowly, it fades to black.


Fade in to a recap of the final scenes of the Mysterians. We see the domed secret base, and, the giant robot, Mogera. The saucers, the Markerlight, and we hear the ultimatum to leave the Earth. Mysterians are dying in the corridors, the rockets firing on the pink dome, in front of Fuji-san. The rays exploding the dome, and, the flood as the Mysterians cause the dams to overflow.

We watch as the last of the cowardly Mysterians runs to the saucers, to escape. The saucers are leaving Earth. We see the Earth Defense Force ships firing at them and destroying two or three Mysterian saucers as they leave the atmosphere of Earth.



(POV is a satellite view of Japan as the saucers are leaving Earth. As they gain speed, the last one changes course, and our point of view moves with it, towards the east. Audio is alien radio babble, as the main force tries in vain to reach the mutinous saucer and its crew. The narrator begins)

"When the Mysterians were driven from the Earth, one of their saucers, containing a rebel Commander, their Chief Scientist, and most of their medical experts and weapon designers, doubled back and hid themselves on the Earth.

There, for the last 35 years, in isolation and secrecy, they have developed a science far beyond even that of their own long dead mother planet, Mysteroid. They have made quantum advances in the fields of weapon design, cellular engineering, and cyborg design. But they are still unable to overcome the one thing that has hounded them almost to extinction.

Long ago, when the Mysterians destroyed their home planet in a total nuclear holocaust, they also affected their own ability to reproduce successfully, due to the high levels of strontium 90 absorbed by their bodies.

Time is running out for the rebel Mysterians, they are growing old. They must make one final effort to renew their race, or "perish forever from the face of time".

As the narrator is finishing, the saucer, (and our point of view) is coming around the Earth, over the Pacific Ocean. As the narrator comes to the part about the Mysterians growing old, we have stopped moving, and the saucer is descending, over the southwestern region of, the United States.

The narrator ends, and the saucer finally disappears from view. We are left for a moment in silence, in space, to ponder what we have just seen and heard, and to look down, at America!



Begin main theme and titles




It is sunrise in the beautiful southwestern desert of Arizona. The camera pans around over numerous examples of desert animals and plants. A saguaro cactus, a gila monster sunning itself on a rock in the foreground, an owl hoots, a covey of quail scurry from one tree to another, and high overhead is a hawk, slowly circling, as if stalking some prey.

The camera finally comes to rest on, a boot. As the camera slowly tips up, it reveals a Mysterian lieutenant, in combat uniform, peering out over the desert. He is trying to see what the hawk is attracted to. Then he sees it, a small rabbit, a cottontail, under a mesquite bush about one hundred yards away. He smiles, and slowly un-holsters what seems to be a weapon, but we have never seen anything like it.

He slips his thumb into a sleeve on the side of the disk-like object and presses, instantly there is a "heads-up" display in the air, hovering in front of his face. From his pov, the rabbit is seen, magnified and scanned in what appears to be infrared. There is a wealth of target information in the area around the target image, type, size, weight, distance, percentage of remaining energy needed for kill, stun, etc...

The rabbit sniffs the air, the gila monster shifts it's position lazily and yawns, showing us his teeth, and the hawk tucks his wings in, and goes into a full attack dive. The lieutenants face is visible through the display, and a small screen has been inset with the image of the hawk. He smiles slightly and his thumb twitches inside the weapon. A purple ray arcs from the weapon, exploding the rabbit's head, and the hawk pulls up short from it's dive.

The Mysterian lets out a hideous laugh, and a creature that hasn't been seen before moves into the frame. It looks like a cross between a dog and an insect, and it is having considerable trouble breathing. It makes a lot of disgusting sounds as it runs off to fetch the rabbit. The Mysterian watches for a moment, then his thumb twitches again, and the dog-beast explodes completely. There is a very pitiful howl, mixed with the Mysterian's psychopathic laugh.



(We meet the family.) Mom is leaving her karate school, where she is the owner and chief instructor. She is giving final orders to her assistant, about what to do while she is away with her family. The assistant looks envious and says how she wishes that she had the time to run off and have fun. Mom looks at the clock, and saying that she better hurry or she'll be late to pick up her son from the theater where he is seeing a movie. The assistant asks what kind of movie it is, and Mom sighs, and says, "The same as always!"...



Cut to a scene on a theater screen of some outrageous monsters battling in space, and then to the face of the Boy, totally fascinated by what he sees. He is about twelve years old and he is wearing a Tokyo Giants baseball cap. He is being approached by an usher, who says, "Hey, kid! I think your Mom has been waiting for you for a while out here!" And it is now that we see that there is not another living soul in the theater. The boy looks at his watch, screams, grabs his coat, and runs up the aisle.



Mom watches as the boy runs to the car at top speed, throwing himself into the seat and buckling his seat belt. Mom puts on a mock-angry look and tells him that she doesn't think that it is fair if she tries very hard to be on time, and he can just show up any time he feels like it. The boy tries to open his mouth with some lame excuse, but before he can, she continues, "What is going to happen when you start dating girls? Are you going to be late then too? I'm telling you mister, you aren't going to have very many girl friends if you behave like this!" He groans, and says that that is alright with him because he thinks that girls are just about the most useless thing that he can think of, and at this, Mom gives him a really dirty look and he realizes what he said, and he says he's sorry, and they both laugh.

He then starts to get excited about the upcoming family trip to America. He wonders if his Dad will ever tell him exactly where it is in America, that they are going to? He asks his Mom what it is that Dad has to study in America? She sighs and says,"The same as always!"...



Cut to a shot of a really disgusting insect, eating another really disgusting insect. Behind them, through the glass of the terrarium, we see the smiling face of Dad. We hear the squeal of one of his female students who is looking into the tank at the bugs. Dad laughs and says that he hopes that the girl is over her fear of bugs by the time that they return for the next term, as he thinks that it could really have a tendency to hold her back in the field of entomology. As he says this, the bell rings, and everyone gets up and starts to gather their things.



Cut to the personal chambers of the rebel Mysterian Commander. He is talking to a guard, who is helping him change. He is removing his ceremonial uniform and facing away from the camera. He reaches over to a stand and picks up a touristy-looking shirt and begins to put it on. He asks the guard if he has heard any word from the Chief Scientist. The guard says, "No, your excellency, but I am sure that he would not keep the Supreme Commander waiting, on purpose!" This is an obvious bullshit answer, to cover up the fact that he doesn't have the slightest idea where the Chief Scientist is, nor does he care.

Just then, the door flies open and the Chief Scientist comes in, holding a very high-tech looking box, about the size of a pie box. It is metal, has lights and tubes all over it, and a hint of smoke wafts off of it as he hands it to the Commander, who takes it anxiously and says, in an excited voice, "Is it finished?". The Scientist chortles, and says "Yes", adding that "He doesn't think that the Commander's vanity is very becoming, even though it has lead to some interesting research." The Commander states that his "vanity" is born out of necessity, and certainly, that it isn't his fault that he must appear as a normal earthling whenever he goes into the city to obtain the money that they need to purchase the carbon-based materials that they cannot synthesize for themselves.

"There are other ways to get the things we need Commander" says the Scientist. "Yes, I know, but I do so enjoy looking young again" He says, as he removes his helmet, and for the first time, we see the face of an ancient Mysterian. It is not a pretty sight. The flesh has lost all trace of any healthy color, and is wrinkled and twisted almost beyond recognition.

He opens the box. Inside is a perfect, young, strong, healthy, face. It looks like it is sleeping. He says that he loves it, and, as he puts his fingers under it to pick it up, the eyes flutter open and look around. They see the Commander, and the face smiles, serenely. As he picks it up, he turns it over, and on the back side it has the appearance of wet meat, in motion. There are many tiny, fleshy, tendrils reaching out from the back of the face. They look anxious, as the Commander brings it up toward his face. There is a small squealing sound as the "living mask" leaps the last 10 inches onto the Commander's face. He turns, in his new face and flower shirt, rolling his eyes and seemingly adjusting this new face.

The Scientist tells him that he looks marvelous, and that the cyborg "living make-up" would probably be a big success if they were to market it to the self-conscious earthlings.



The Family is busy packing for their trip. The Boy is putting a Godzilla toy into his suitcase, and he asks his Dad if they are going to be flying over Monster Island on their way to America? Dad looks at Mom and shrugs, then he says that he is not sure if they will be flying over Monster Island or not, since he doesn't know what or where, it is. The boy looks exasperated as he begins to tell Dad about "Kyoryulando".


M. Island

Godzilla, Angiras, and Rodan are on the beach, and a sea monster is in the water, as the boy tells his Dad (voiceover) all about the happy life the monsters lead, playing games at the beach, on Monster Island.

Godzilla and Angiras are playing with a huge boulder on the beach, batting it back and forth in a game of catch. Rodan and the sea monster watch as they knock the rock around with great speed. The rock falls in front of Rodan and he just looks at it. Angiras roars at him to throw it back, but he ignores him.



The Commander is making his way through a section of the base toward a transport tube. He is still talking to the Scientist. The huge scale of the base and it's tunnel system are evident as they walk, passing by one of the pens that contain "cyborg-fusion beasts".

The Commander pauses in front of a pen, and we see that there is nothing really there. The "pens" are merely areas defined by force-fields. It gives the appearance that they are standing in the midst of all the horrible creatures.

He is absentmindedly looking at the grotesque creatures as he speaks. He asks the Scientist if he is any closer to solving the problem of their inability to reproduce, stating that he is tired of seeing an endless procession of new, and repulsive, fusion-hybrids. The Scientist reminds him that it was his "fiddling" with the techno-hybrid fusion experiments that enabled him to produce the Commander's favorite "new toy"!

At the mention of his "toy" the Commander gets a far away look in his eyes and gazes to his right, through a gigantic, hangar style door, and into the next chamber, where the shadowy form of something very, very big can be seen in the distance.

The Commander brings himself back to reality, and starts to walk again. He says, "Don't think that I'm unappreciative of all the wonders that you perform, but please be aware that I will be the only one that has a chance to marvel at your creativity if there are no more Mysterians to take our place." The Scientist sees the wisdom in this, and explains his latest theory on the matters of reproduction.

It seems that he was always looking for a way to eliminate the radiation, but now, he had struck on a new train of thought. At this point the transporter arrives and they get in. He continues, stating that it is his theory now, that living tissue can survive, even thrive, in the presence of lethal amounts of radiation.

The Commander looks at him disbelievingly, and asks how he can prove that such a fantastic statement is true? The Scientist tells him that on this very planet, there is an animal, that, if he were able to study it, could unlock the secrets that he spoke of. "What sort of fantastic creature is this, that could live under such impossible conditions?" the Commander asks. "The people of earth, excellency, call it....Godzilla!!" says the Scientist.



Father makes the little boy try to guess where they are going to spend the summer. The boy is desperate, and begins to make wild guesses. New York? Kansas City? Dallas? North Dakota? Just as he is about to explode, Father gives in and says, "We're going to...


The transporter is coming to a stop as the Commander says, "If all you need is this "Godzilla" animal, then by all means get it, and be quick about it! Get him and bring him here!" The door on the hyper-vator is opening to reveal, in the distance, the Las Vegas strip! A limo pulls up, and the Commander gets in. The limo turns around in the dirt and heads for the strip. The Scientist smiles, and walks slowly back into the tunnel, as the limo vanishes in the distance, and the underground entrance to the Mysterian tunnel slowly, and silently, closes.



The family arrives, and they are greeted by Prof. Lacey and his daughter. They drive through town on their way to the hotel, and are amazed by the many exciting sights of Las Vegas as they drive.



An exotic dancer is slowly gyrating on stage as the Commander looks on with a very excited look in his eyes. In front of him is an enormous pile of $100 gambling chips, which is being gathered up by one of his lieutenants.



Mom and Dad are talking as the kids are getting acquainted. Mom asks the Prof. about his wife, and he gets quiet, as he tells her that his wife was the most wonderful woman in the world. She would have to be, to put up with the likes of him, but unfortunately she was declared dead more than two years ago, when a search party failed to find any trace of her out in the desert, where she was with the young girl's scout troop, on an overnighter.

Prof. Lacey tries to change the subject, and tells them that he will take them out into the desert tomorrow, to show them just what they've gotten themselves into.

The kids are talking, or rather the girl is talking, about her wonderful project at school, where she is working on the school's mainframe computer, helping them to update their files. She says that they would never even think about letting someone, as young as she, even touch the computer, but they know that she is just about a genius at it, and even writes her own programs, and everything!! And besides, with all the cutbacks and all, how are they ever going to be able to supply the kind of quality education that everyone expects, and, indeed, has a right to!?"

She is a very precocious and brilliant little girl. But, not wanting to let her get the best of him, the boy puts forward a probing challenge to her, "Oh yeah? That's probably all stuff that you just made up to sound cool! I bet that if we had a computer here right now, you couldn't even turn it on!!" The girl is more than upset, and just turns to watch the TV, on the other side of the room.

On the TV in the background, there is a story on the news about a big winner at one of the casinos. They flash a picture of the big winner, with the same, sickly-sweet smile, that we saw the Commander take out of a box earlier. He has won more than one million dollars on a slot machine jackpot.



In the morning, on the way out of town, the Family group sees the strip, some pretty girls by a pool, Hoover Dam, the tourists and their campers and winnebagos, and, at last, the desert.



The Scientist is tormenting one of the "techno-hybrid" failures in his laboratory, when the Commander enters. He begins with some small talk about his trip into Vegas to gamble, about the erotic feelings that he gets when he sees the earth women, the rich health of their flesh, and the way that it feels when you hold it in your hand. At this point, he is almost drooling, and the Scientist changes the subject by telling him that the saucer is almost ready to depart for "Kyoryulando".

The Commander snaps out of it in time to tell him to do whatever he has to, just be damn quick about it! Then, he asks why he insists on keeping such miserable, useless, and grotesque creatures, like the one he is torturing. "They are obvious failures", says the Commander, "I would think that you would not want to be reminded of such spectacular mistakes!". At this point he looks down into the barely recognizable face of a creature that looks like it was a cross between a frog and a cat. The animal whimpers, and the Commander looks away in disgust. The Scientist strokes the animal's back, lovingly, and says, "They amuse me, Commander, nothing more."

The Commander leaves, as the Scientist continues stroking the cyborg affectionately.



The kids are playing as Prof. Lacey tells Dad about an exciting new discovery that has just been made in the Grand Canyon. It is a new, and until now, undiscovered type of butterfly, the first such discovery in many years.



The Scientist is overseeing the preparations for the expedition. He is standing in the cavernous interior of the main flight bay at the secret base. There is much activity, as the saucer is loaded by scores of Mysterian workers. They are loading what looks to be an awful lot of weaponry and ammunition.

One of the workers sets down his load for a minute and says to his friend, "I don't know why we have to work so hard loading up all of these extra munitions, after all, how difficult can it be to capture one earth creature?" The Scientist tells him to be quiet and get back to work, before he decides to send him down to the cyborg design team as raw material for an experiment. The man wastes no time getting back to work, as he looks first at his friend, and then at the cyborg that is walking (crawling) down a corridor nearby.



Prof. Lacey is telling Father more about the new butterfly, how it was given instant status as an endangered species, since only about a dozen have ever been seen, and all of those have been seen in only one area. "Where is that?" asks Father. The Prof. Tells him that it is an area that, as a matter of fact, was actually nearby.



As he explains, (voiceover) we see a close-up of the butterfly fliting among some blooms, somewhere in the desert. As he reaches the end of his description, the plant starts to shake, and the butterfly flies up, just in time to avoid being swept away as the entire wall of the Grand Canyon slides down, and the Mysterian saucer slowly ascends, out of the main landing bay in the canyon, on its way to Monster Island! The wall slides back into place, and the butterfly returns to the flower.



The captain of the saucer is on the bridge talking to his crew. He tells them of the inherent superiority of the Mysterian race, in a speech very reminiscent of Hitler.



Father rounds up the family and heads back into town.



That night in their room, Father tells the family of his plan to take everyone to the Grand Canyon. The Boy is very happy, until he learns of Dad's plan to include the young girl in the trip, since her Dad will be busy anyway.



The captain is watching his viewing screen, as the saucer hovers over Monster Island. He is watching as Angiras and Godzilla play catch with a huge boulder on the beach. Godzilla watches, as Angiras ambles over to retrieve the boulder, and he pushes it towards Rodan, as if to say, "Come on, let's play" but Rodan responds by shaking his head, bleating, and flying a short distance down the beach. Godzilla roars, and Angiras turns around, back toward Godzilla. He raises his head and lets go with a mighty roar to show his aggravation with Rodan, and gives the boulder a tremendous kick, directing it right at Godzilla. It is unexpected, and really fast, so that Godzilla doesn't have time to use his hands on it. No problem. Without batting an eyelash, Godzilla glances up casually and opens his mouth, and with his radioactive breath, he reduces the huge boulder to a puff of dust before it can get near him.

The Mysterian captain strokes his chin and mumbles something unintelligable, thoughtfully to himself.



The family arrives at the north rim, and is overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon. They begin making their way in a Jeep wagon down into the canyon on a little used dirt road. They discuss the fact that the butterfly is so very rare and beautiful, and what a shame it is that it is an endangered species, so much so, that every one of them is precious. After all, only 12 have ever been seen in the world! And all of them are in the same place, at the Grand Canyon.



In a long shot of Monster Island, Angiras and Godzilla are on the beach, and the Mysterian saucer is hovering offshore. The sea monster surfaces and looks up at the saucer. It is then that Angiras notices the saucer for the first time. The sea monster rises out of the water and sends a mighty blast of flame at the saucer. Inside the saucer, on the viewing screen, the saucer is engulfed in flames. Outside, the flames have had no visible effect on the saucer.

Inside, the captain smiles and he tells the gunner to prepare to fire. Godzilla intently watches the saucer to see what their reaction will be. Rodan and Angiras also watch as, the saucer unleashes a hideous barrage of laser firepower that virtually incinerates the sea monster, blowing it to atoms. Angiras roars, Rodan flies away, and Godzilla growls.



The Boy is walking on a trail, looking around at all the insects, animals, and flowers. He is having a good time. Then, he hears the voice of the girl and he ducks for cover behind some rocks. He gets down on his hands and knees to hide, and finds himself face to face with a gila monster! He almost screams, and quickly jumps to a new hiding place just in time to see the girl come around the corner.

The gila monster, meanwhile, has crawled onto the trail. The boy sees it, and realizes that the girl is going to step on it, so he has to reveal himself in order to save her. She says thanks, but she saw the gila monster, and was in no danger, since they are so slow. She then explains all about the gila monster.

They are very special, poisonous, and beautiful but, deadly. She tells him how their bite is so tenacious, that sometimes they have to be killed before their jaws can be pried open to remove them from a victim.

The boy asks her, "How do I know if any of this stuff you tell me is true?, It sounds really neat, about the gila monster and all, but you might just be making it up. I still don't know if any of what you said about the computers is true either, because we don't have any way for you to prove it out here."

Now the girl is really upset. She gets a very indignant look on her face and says, "If you think I have nothing better to do, than to tell lies to a stupid boy like you, then you are just a stupid boy, and I'm sorry that I wasted any time at all even talking to you. But I thought that you were someone special, someone that I could really open up to, someone I could share my dreams with!!!!"

The boy's naive, twelve year old mind is not ready for this much of a woman, yet. He gets a typically male, sheepish look on his face, and says, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything by it. I don't know anything about opening up, or sharing dreams." He looks up at her to see how he's doing. She's starting to smile, so he knows he's on the right track, "But I would really like to be friends." He says, smiling at her. Her heart melts, and the boy relaxes, knowing instinctively that he's off the hook, for now.



The Commander is talking to the captain on his viewing screen. In the background, on the captain's screen, we see Angiras, bellowing up at the saucer. The Commander tells him to "be quick about it", and signs off.

The captain gives the order to engage the tractor beam. As the machinery begins to whine, Angiras looks at Godzilla and calls to him. Godzilla answers and whips his head around and lets go with a blast of his breath, point blank at the saucer.

Inside the saucer the captain is laughing his head off at Godzilla. On his screen is the unholy blast from Godzilla's mouth. The tractor beam begins to glow, and Godzilla goes wild as he feels the grip of the beam. He struggles to maintain his position, but he is slowly being pulled across the beach, in the direction of the saucer. He is throwing up a tremendous amount of sand with his arms and feet as he claws at the ground. It's no use, the Mysterian technology is too powerful! Ultimately, he is held motionless as Angiras begins to roar uncontrollably.

Rodan watches, as Godzilla is lifted into the air, and Angiras is roaring his head off. The saucer slowly turns, with Godzilla in tow, and heads away from Monster Island, leaving a very angry Angiras on the beach.

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