The Legendary Model #49.9


Scientific Seed Separator™

Acme™ #49.9 Cover

In the beginning, circa 1970, Acme™ certification was bestowed on individual devices as they were encountered by Mick Anger, the man who started it all! As the anxious owner watched and wondered if their device was good enough to pass, careful evaluation would be given to every aspect of utilitarian performance and esthetic satisfaction.

Upon approval, the device was inscribed with the official


Scientific Seed Separator

logo and technical layout. And finally, below the now famous line

"None genuine without my signature"

the coveted signature of its creator !

Acme™ #49.9 Interior

Beginning with the initial conceptualization in 1978, the Model #49.9 was planned to be the ultimate tool for the job. Every effort was made to incorporate the features that users needed and wanted.

A massive research project was also launched to discover production and manufacturing tecniques which, when combined with revolutionary advances in materials utilized for fabrication, resulted in a quantum leap in operator satisfaction and a paradigm shift in everyday practicality!

The end result is the universal acceptance of The Acme™ Scientific Seed Separator™ Model #49.9 as the standard by which all others must be judged, since it burst upon the marketplace in 1979!

Anything Else... is Just a Box!

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