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( From "L.C.", Maryvale AZ )

I cannot recommend the Acme highly enough!!!!!!

I shall waste no time, in singing its praises!

No amount of money would be sufficient compensation.

The Acme Scientific Seed Separater (ASSS) has been an invaluable adjunct in my household. For surely no other appliance could hold my old cuff-links, guitar picks, my same old condom, and my audio cassette 'Trini Lopez moving lyrical tribute to gasses of the large intestine' with such solomn aplomb!

The Scintuffic Scede Sephairator on its own, is a timeless monolith of quite strength. Speaking power and symetry,,,, Nay, Shouting! strength, durability...... the very ICON OF TRUTH EMBODIED by its function, its promise. No self promoting hype here my freinds.

While this box is the zenith of form and function. The higher praises must be sung to the tireless efforts of the design staff at Total Danger TM. These lads (and asses) have for years sacrificed all personal comforts and perks, to ensure that the Acme box had a warm nest to grow in. Without seeking personal accolades or even toilet paper (surviving on a steady diet of sourdough toast) these Danger Rangers have single handedly enured the ASSS will endure. They went without sustenance so that the ASScould eat`. They went unwashed, without the company of the opposite sex, so that the ASS could have lunch money. For years, they darkened the Xmas stockings of the weak and undeserving...
xxxxxxxxxx strike that 'editor'

But, even now, as we all pause to celebrate this awsome occasion. These sacrifices were not without just reward. For we now sit, on the brink of a momentuous occasion. Celebrating the 25th anversery of the ASS, on the 30th year. No other product, no other organization, no other culture could lay claim to such intuitive genius.

may god bless your 20 dollar bill

(From Tom G.- Glaucoma sufferer)

Sometimes something comes around that just shatters your world, rearranging your simple little life beyond all recognition!

Usually when these types of events happen I run, hide, scream, anything to avoid change!

But not this time! This is different!

I welcome this change in a way only a newborn could identify with.

By this time you are asking what brought this change?

Well, it's simple, to go with a simple life.

Drumroll please. The Acme Scientific Seed Separator!™

There it is! It changed my life, let it change yours!

Tom G - Glaucoma sufferer

Anything Else... is Just a Box!

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