The Cards...

Acme™ Playing Card Back Design
Nothing can equal the feeling of pride and anticipation you get when you open your shiny new Acme™ Scientific Seed Separator™ and look to see which card was randomly inserted by the kindly ladies at the factory. Every Acme™ comes with a different one, and many people attatch mystical significance to the choice. Others are more concerned with coming one step closer to the ultimate Acme™ fan's dream, a complete deck! How many do you have in your collection?
New 3 of Spades
Each card begins its life fresh and new. After time passes, it will begin to acquire a patina of residual material. To some this is a desireable attribute. To others, anathema!
Used 9 of Hearts
Above is a new card, and on the right, one that has seen some service, and is taking on the distinctive appearance that comes from regular use. Most operators will take pride in the rich tapestry created by nature.
Laminated Joker
For many, the perfect compromise is to laminate their card in plastic. This permits them to have the best of both worlds. They can observe the incremental accretion of resin and pollen on the surface, confident that their treasured implement will be around for a long time to come!

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The Cards

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